4 Things to keep in mind before setting up a website

  1. Vision

Everything about website, online presence and the reason why you are doing what you are doing should have a solid vision behind it. The design and content should be driven by the vision of the company or the vision as to why your organisation is looking to set up a website in the first place. Without a vision or purpose, the website will just be meaningless to the person who is going to view your website.

  1. Mobile Ready

There is no point in building a website that is not mobile friendly. Almost everybody in your target audience is likely going to be a mobile user. And people these days are looking into ways of utilising this vast pool of audience with the best of user interface. You can even compromise on your general website experience for a greater mobile experience, as a large chunk of your audience will be coming from there. There is also the Google algorithm that will play a key role. Websites that have poor mobile capability will be pushed down the ranking order, and potential customers will be lost before the war even starts.



  1. Secret Sauce

Find out what your competition is doing and how you can leverage on those ideas. You can even take a look at what some of your brands are doing right that is making them stand apart in such a concentrated market. Your number one goal is to gain organic growth, growth that is not just people who view the sites, but people who go from being visitors to people who will become customers. That is the sort of website that you need to design. As long as you don’t copy the design directly and innovate upon it and bring about an iterative design, you should be in the clear.

  1. Time

Time has to be your number one investment followed by financial investment. All the money in the world cannot give you a great website. You need to be there along with the design team to build a great website that is going to deliver the same impact that you have thought of. Before you even go about hiring a design team to build your website, spend ample amount of time researching on what exactly you think will deliver the sort of targets you have set. And most importantly spend time with your team to design the website according to the vision that was set.